What is Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) ?

What ıs polymer modıfıed bıtumen ?

Modified Bitumen Permanent Deformation on Roads (Wheel Track) It is a type of asphalt made to prevent distortions such as thermal cracks and separation of aggregate in the binder.

Modification of bitumen is created by adding polymer additives such as KRATON (SBS), LATEX (LIQUID-SOLID) to increase the strength of road transport in 50-70% penetration bitumen % 3- %7.

Modified Bitumen made with SBS and other Modifying Additives. On roads with heavy traffic load and temperature difference, modified buttressed asphalts are used.

Modified asphalt plants in Min: 180 C (degree) should be mixed.

Laying temperature should be between 170 – 180 C (degree).

Pneumatic (rubber wheeled) cylinders should not be used.

The compression process must be finished before the mixture temperature falls below 135-145 C (degree).