Polita Makine is specialized in the manufacture of asphalt plants and bitumen equipment: Bitumen Emulsion Plant, Modified Bitumen Plant, SAE Cold Mix Plant, Aggregate Addition Systems, Bitumen Tanks, Thermal Oil Boilers.


Polita Makine offers disassembly, assembly and commissioning services of asphalt plants.


The breakdown of a plant during the work season can cause serious trouble for your job site. To help you avoid these mishaps, Polita Makine provides periodic maintenance, troubleshooting and overhaul services for your asphalt plants.


Some parts of asphalt plants (such as wearing parts) need to be replaced at regular intervals. Polita Makine aims to provide you with spare parts in a timely manner and under appropriate conditions.

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Polita was founded by two mechanical engineers with more than ten years of experience in the sector. Over the years, it has established itself through its dynamism as a reference company in the sector of equipment for the construction of asphalt roads.

In addition to having established itself as one of the main suppliers of Turkish civil engineering and public works companies, Polita has broadened its horizons internationally with commercial partners, particularly in Senegal, Mali, Kazakhstan, Brazil, South Africa and South, India, Ukraine etc.

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